What is a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence and Why Should I Care?

by Dale Jarvis on April 4, 2013

Healthcare Reform ExpertsHealthcare reform is creating a tremendous amount of disruption in nearly all aspects of healthcare. For many people and organizations, the chaos is masking innovations that are fundamentally changing their spheres and providing competitive advantages for handfuls of leading edge organizations. How do behavioral health organizations use this time of chaos to not only survive but thrive?

My hypothesis is that a key to the future is being seen as a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BH-COE). What is a BH-COE? We don’t know yet. It hasn’t been defined. To address this, the National Council is beginning a yearlong project to develop a definition and work with centers across the country to field test that definition.

BH-COE = Two Things: At the end of the day we think that a BH-COE will be a combination of two things. 1) Successfully implementing a philosophy of excellence throughout the organization that percolates into the community. 2) Achieving outstanding performance in a number of areas that is publically recognized, measured, and reported.

The philosophy of excellence will be customized by each organization to illustrate and imbue a common theme of: “This is a great place to work and a great place to get care.”

We have developed a first draft definition and will be facilitating a national dialogue to identify the “vital few” elements of a BH-COE.

BH-COE Definition:

A Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BH-COE) is an organization or program within an organization that excels at addressing the whole health of one or more identified populations and is viewed by the community as a preferred place of care. This preference comes from providing comprehensive, whole person care that supports resiliency and recovery, provides good value, and yields excellent outcomes and high client satisfaction.

Intrigued? Stay tuned for further thoughts on how ensure your organization seizes the opportunity to be a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence.

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