What’s flat, funny, and travels all over the country?

by Rebecca Farley on May 22, 2012

A: Flat Stephen Colbert

If you attended the National Council’s conference or follow our emails, you’ve probably seen our music video inviting Stephen Colbert to Hill Day, June 25-26 in Washington DC.

Now, it’s time for the next stage in our campaign to catch Mr. Colbert’s attention. Nation, say hello to Flat Stephen.

You may already know the beloved children’s story about a little boy named Stanley who was squished “as flat as a pancake” one day when a bulletin board fell on him. Never one to let a little thing like being 2-dimensional stop him, Stanley – and the generations of children’s home-decorated Flat Stanleys that came after him – proceeded to travel around the country in the mail.

Odds are, if you have children or know any children, you’ve been visited by a Flat Stanley at some point. In that case, you know the drill: take a picture with Flat Stanley and send him on to his next adventure.

Flat Stephen is a modern-day Flat Stanley – specially created to bring our Hill Day invitation to Mr. Colbert’s attention. Here’s how it works:

  1. Print Flat Stephen. You can either use ours (decorated with the T-shirt sold by his Super-PAC), or decorate your own.
  2. Take a picture with Flat Stephen anywhere in your community – at your desk, with your staff, in front of your office, at a local landmark, or anywhere!
  3. Send your pictures to Kirsten Reed at kirstenr@thenationalcouncil.org and include your name, organization, city & state. Once we receive your pictures, we’ll tweet them at Stephen Colbert.
  4. Fill out this letter form (or write your own!) to describe where Flat Stephen was and what he did. Feel free to include a brochure about your organization or other fun tidbits about your city.
  5. Mail your Flat Stephen and your letter to the address listed in the letter. Feel free to include your pictures too!
  6. Have fun, take lots of pictures, and help us show Stephen Colbert why he should come to Hill Day.

Mr. Colbert is a busy and highly sought after man – which means we need truly creative and widespread strategies to catch his attention. Please join us in sending him a Flat Stephen today!

Click here to see a gallery of Flat Stephen pictures. We’ll keep adding to it as you send us yours!

Don’t forget to register for Hill Day and book your hotel room if you haven’t done so already.


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