Videos Explain Issues in Long Term Care – and How the ACA Helps

by Rebecca Farley on December 5, 2011

What percentage of Americans will eventually need long-term care? Of these, how many will get care in nursing homes? How does the health reform law promote long-term care? These are a few of the questions addressed in two new short videos from the Alliance for Health Reform. Even if you know the answers, you have constituents, readers, viewers, relatives and friends who don’t and who could benefit from this information.

Who Needs Long-Term Care, and Who Pays for It?

Nearly 70 percent of Americans over age 65 will eventually need some form of long-term services and supports as they age. Long-term care refers to a number of things ranging from nursing home care to needing help at home with activities such as cooking and eating. In this short video, you’ll hear from Bruce Chernof, MD, President & CEO of The SCAN Foundation who discusses those who need long-term care and who pays for it. Although many people think that long-term care is covered by Medicare, this video points out that isn’t always the case.


How Does the Health Reform Law Promote Long-Term Care?

While most people believe that the new health reform law simply increases the number of people with health coverage in the United States, it actually does much more. In the new law, there are a number of important opportunities to improve long-term care services and supports for a whole range of people. This short video outlines two tremendous opportunities in which the Affordable Care Act can fundamentally reshape how the acute care delivery system interacts with the larger set of needs that people have as they age. Check out this video, featuring Bruce Chernof, MD, President & CEO of The SCAN Foundation, to see some of the ways the ACA promotes long-term care.



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