Understand the New Law

Summary of the Provisions of Healthcare Reform

  • Summary Chart of the Health Reform Law: This chart provides an overview of all major provisions of interest to community behavioral health providers. Updated October 2010 to include information about effective dates and levels of funding.
  • Health Reform Hits Main Street” This brief (9-minute) animated video from the Kaiser Family Foundation explains the problems with the current health care system and the changes ahead under healthcare reform.

Implementation Timelines & Updates

  • Visit our Implementation Tracker page for the most recent information about upcoming changes and past implementation updates!
  • Full Implementation Timeline: details the exact start date of each major provision that may impact community behavioral health providers.
  • Timeline for Medicaid Provisions: shows the implementation date for each provision related to Medicaid.
  • FY 2010 Checklist for States: The National Conference of State Legislatures has compiled a checklist for state policy-makers outlining the components of state-level planning and decision making that must occur under healthcare reform during FY 2010.

National Council Healthcare Reform Implementation Webinar Series

This series of National Council Live Webinars provides detailed information and expert guidance on selected topics of healthcare reform.

  • “Healthcare Reform Expands Compliance Requirements: Prepare Now” Adam Falk (October 13, 2010) Presentation and Recording
  • “Healthcare Reform: Implications for Community Behavioral Health Organizations as Employers” Eric Hammelman and Bonnie Washington (Sept. 23, 2010) Presentation, Recording, and Answers to Webinar Questions
  • “Healthcare Reform: Implications for Behavioral Health Providers” John O’Brien, Chuck Ingoglia, and Dale Jarvis (September 21, 2010) Presentation and Recording
  • “Responding to Healthcare Reform and Parity: A Qualitative Approach to Enhanced Treatment Capacity” David Lloyd and Sandy Myers (July 13, 2010) Presentation, Recording, and DLA-20
  • “Healthcare Reform Implementation: Medicaid Expansion and the Impact on Behavioral Health” Ann Kohler (June 8, 2010) Presentation and Recording
  • “Healthcare Reform Implementation: What is an Accountable Care Organization and Why Should I Care?” Dale Jarvis (May 14, 2010) Presentation, Recording, MH Performance Measure, and References
  • “Healthcare Reform Implementation: What to Expect When Contracting with MCOs” Juliana Gonen (Apr. 9, 2010) Presentation and Recording
  • “Healthcare Reform: What Happens Next?” Linda Rosenberg and Chuck Ingoglia (Mar. 30, 2010) Presentation and Recording

External Resources

  • The Alliance for Health Reform has released a Health Reform Toolkit with information designed to help providers, consumers, and other stakeholders understand the elements of the law. The toolkit provides reform implementation timelines, fact sheets, and other resources with information on the new temporary high-risk pools, Medicaid and Medicare changes, reform’s impact on private coverage, provisions for small businesses, and the important state role in implementing reform.
  • The Commonwealth Fund‘s Health Reform Resource Center offers a timeline of the law’s major provisions; a “find” tool to help you search for detailed summaries of specific provisions by year, category, and group of people affected; and links to Commonwealth Fund reports and a new series of briefs, Realizing Health Reform’s Potential.
  • Healthcare.gov provides tools for individuals to find information about health insurance options available in their state, resources on preventive health tailored to users’ age and gender, a tool for comparing the quality of care provided in users’ local hospitals, and details about the provisions of the newly enacted healthcare reform law. A Spanish language version of the same site is available at CuidadoDeSalud.gov.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services has developed a brochure series explaining the impact of health reform on families, rural areas, private insurance, and more.
  • Kaiser Family Foundation’s Health Reform Source includes an interactive implementation timeline, videos explaining various aspects of the new law, an online tutorial, the latest polls and fact sheets, and much more.
  • Mathematica has launched the Center on Health Care Effectiveness, a resource for policymakers, the public, and other stakeholders, offering broad-based expertise to provide objective evidence on issues related to health and healthcare.

National, State, and Local Health Data

  • Statehealthfacts.org provides a state-by-state glimpse of Americans’ health across a variety of indicators, including behavioral health.
  • A county-by-county breakdown of Americans’ health indicators is available from the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.
  • Compare your community’s health with that of other cities across the country using Community Clash.