Top 5 Best Kept Secrets of Hill Day 2010

by Rebecca Farley on July 12, 2011

Are you new to Hill Day? Or are you a 6-time attendee? Either way, we bet you didn’t know these top 5 best-kept secrets about Hill Day 2011!

5. Hill Day offers unrivaled opportunities for networking with your colleagues. This year, over 450 people from 47 states will be attending Hill Day. Attendees range from CEOs to board members, peer counselors, consumers, and more!

4. In our Federal Grants breakout sessions, you’ll learn tips on successfully applying for grant funding. Building on last year’s popular grants sessions, this year we’ll be offering two sessions designed to help you maximize your federal grant funding. Join grant project officers and experienced successful grant applicants for “Applying for and Winning Federal Grants” and “A Dialogue with Federal Partners on Grant Opportunities.”

3. Take advantage of the chance to connect with key Administration & Congressional staff. Our Public Policy Institute on July 19th will feature presentations by Obama Administration officials, Congressional committee staff, and other Washington insiders, including: Pamela Hyde (SAMHSA); Barbara Edwards (CMS); Kelly Whitener (Senate Finance Committee); and more!

2. In-person visits from constituents have more influence on Congress than any other type of communication. A study by the Congressional Management Foundation found that visits from constituents were the #1 most influential type of communication – well above phone calls, form emails, and even visits from lobbyists. Leverage your influence by scheduling meetings with all your elected officials on July 20th.

1. By participating in our Letter-Writing Campaign, you can amplify your message at Hill Day! Personal stories from consumers, providers, advocates, and family members are one of the most powerful ways to influence elected officials. Participating in the Letter-Writing Campaign is also a great way for people who won’t be attending Hill Day to make their voices heard on Capitol Hill. To participate, simply download our letter form, fill in your personal story, and encourage as many people as possible to do the same! The organization that generates the highest number of letters will be honored with an award at Hill Day.



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