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President Obama Wins Re-election; How will Behavioral Health Fare in the New Congress?

Yesterday, Americans made their voices heard at the polls, returning Barack Obama to the presidency. After a bitterly fought election stretching over nearly two years, [...]

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Political Undercurrents Raise Big Questions for 2013 Budget

Congress has begun deliberating the 2013 budget. But, like much in Washington, it will not be a simple debate. This year’s appropriations process is complicated [...]

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President Obama Releases His 2013 Budget Requests; National Council Issues Budget Analysis

On February 13, 2012, President Obama released his Administration’s budget requests for Fiscal Year 2013. The budget in many ways reflects the nation’s growing concern [...]

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President Obama Proposes $320 Billion Reduction in Health Spending as Part of Deficit Deal

President Obama on Monday released a deficit reduction proposal that would cut federal spending by a sweeping $3 trillion, well in excess of the $1.2-1.5 [...]

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