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National Council Special Analysis: Deficit Negotiations and the “Fiscal Cliff”

All the talk in Washington this month is centered around one question: will Congress be able to reach a grand deal to avert the tax [...]

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Evaluating the Elections: What’s Next for Behavioral Health?

Now that the voters have spoken, what’s next for Congress and President Obama – and what does it all mean for behavioral health? editor [...]

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President Obama Wins Re-election; How will Behavioral Health Fare in the New Congress?

Yesterday, Americans made their voices heard at the polls, returning Barack Obama to the presidency. After a bitterly fought election stretching over nearly two years, [...]

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CBO Report Warns About Upcoming “Fiscal Cliff”

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) this week released a report warning that the economy might enter another recession if Congress fails to take action on [...]

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