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Perspectives on the Supreme Court Proceedings on Health Reform

The Supreme Court this week held three days of hearings on four constitutional issues related to the 2010 Affordable Care Act. The hearings generated substantial [...]

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If the Coverage Mandate Falls, How Much of Health Reform Must Go With It?

The final installment in our series analyzing the Supreme Court case on the Affordable Care Act deals with the “severability” of the coverage mandate from [...]

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Lawyers Wrap Up Medicaid, Coverage Mandate Arguments on Day 3 of Supreme Court ACA Hearing

On the third and final day of oral arguments in the Affordable Care Act case, the Justices heard opponents’ and supporters’ arguments on two key [...]

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Day 2 of the Supreme Court ACA Hearings: Is the Coverage Mandate Constitutional?

Each day this week, the National Council brings you the latest news from the Supreme Court, which is hearing the historic case against the Affordable [...]

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Constitutionality of Health Law will Hinge on Court’s Interpretation of Interstate Commerce

The biggest decision facing the Supreme Court in its hearings on the health reform law is whether or not the law’s insurance coverage mandate is [...]

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Decision on Health Law Might Not Come This Year if Court Rules Coverage Mandate a “Tax”

In the Affordable Care Act legal challenge that is now before the Supreme Court, most of the public’s attention has been focused on the question [...]

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