Size Matters at Hill Day 2011, by Bill Kyles

by admin on July 5, 2011

We are lucky enough to be joined today by Bill Kyles, President and CEO of Comprehensive Mental Health Services and Board Chair of the National Council. If you ever wondered about the importance of being a member of the National Council then Hill Day is probably one of the most vivid reminders of why we are all in this together. He dives into how it is exactly that size really does matter….

Size does matter.  The greater our numbers at Hill Day, the greater our impact on legislation and on the many other factors that effect our ability to deliver quality community mental health services.

While we get many benefits from being a member of the National Council, our effectiveness on Hill Day trumps them all.  We have enjoyed a bountiful array of legislative successes during the past several years.  Parity, our status in Healthcare Reform, our fighting back bad changes to Medicaid, our success in getting funding for integration of health and behavioral health, increased funding for veteran services, etc. can all be traced to the hard work we do day in and day out on the Hill and the outstanding showing and personal touching that is accomplished on Hill Day.  Legislators that previously could not spell mental health now understand it intimately.  Hill Day provides our outstanding staff the ammunition they need day in and day out to accomplish many things on our behalf.

Our trainings are wonderful, the publications we produce are second to none, however it is our legislative accomplishments that hold the primary key to increasing much needed revenues for our services and having the greatest impact upon the millions of consumers we serve.

So is Hill Day important?  Absolutely!  Come and be heard!  Come and make a difference!   Come because everything that we do depends upon the presence of you!  Hope to see you all on Hill Day where we will have a magnificent time.

Thanks to Bill for his time and dedication to the work of the National Council and all of our members. We want to see you at Hill Day!  If you haven’t already, be sure to register for FREE. See you on the Hill. If you want to hear more from Bill check out his interview with Linda Rosenberg, National Council CEO and President, on winning the fight for the future of healthcare reform.


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