Federal Grants Will Help States Prevent Unreasonable Premium Hikes

by Rebecca Farley on September 9, 2010

UPDATE 9/9/10: Kaiser Family Foundation has published an interactive map and chart showing the activities for which states have applied under the premium review grants. Data can be sorted and ranked by state, region, and type of activity to be funded. Click a state to view additional details about the structure of that state’s premium review processes.

ORIGINAL POST 8/19/10: The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has awarded $46 million in grants to 45 states and the District of Columbia to help states crack down on unreasonable premium hikes by insurance companies.

The funding will be used for a variety of state activities aimed at improving the oversight of proposed health insurance premium hikes, taking action against insurers seeking unreasonable rate increases, and ensuring that consumers receive high value for the premium dollars they spend.

Healthcare.gov has published a detailed summary of how each state plans to use the funding it received. This summary includes a description of each state’s current regulatory authority to oversee insurance premium hikes and notes whether additional authority is needed. Some states will use the grant funding to pursue additional legislative authority for reviewing or requiring advanced approval of proposed health insurance premium increases to ensure that they are justified. Other states will expand the scope of health insurance premium reviews, improve the health insurance premium review process, make more information publicly available, or develop and upgrade technology.

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