Community Care Organizations (ACOs for the Rest of Us)

by Rebecca Farley on August 16, 2011

Dale Jarvis on Accountable Care OrganizationsWith all the recent talk going on about Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), how do safety net organizations fit in?

Dale Jarvis of Dale Jarvis and Associates, LLP (and a frequent contributor to tackles this question in the newest in ACMHA’s “Arm Chair Reflections” Series. Dale writes:

“I was in a meeting today in Washington, DC sharing the podium with a wonderful physician from Deloitte’s healthcare group. One of his observations was that many healthcare providers are moving away from becoming Medicare-approved Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)  because the potential rewards pale in comparison to the cost and complexity of playing in the Medicare ACO game. He predicted that we will continue to move toward ‘accountable care’ in the United States, but it may not take the form of a Medicare ACO.

“This is an interesting contrast to projects I have been working on in the Pacific Northwest and learning about in my travels. Rather than debating whether ‘to ACO or ‘not to ACO,’ safety net organizations are organizing themselves to improve the lives of the people they serve through new organizations and new ways of providing integrated care…”

Click here to keep reading Dale’s take on safety-net ACOs (or “community care organizations”) – and learn how other organizations in the safety net are putting ACO principles to work.


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Precia Stuby January 24, 2012 at 7:58 pm

I am very interested in following the concept of a community care organization.


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