Alliance for Health Reform Issues Toolkit on the Presidential Healthcare Plans

by Rebecca Farley on October 11, 2012

The Alliance for Health Reform, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to affordable, quality health care and long-term care for all Americans, this week issued a toolkit explaining the basics of the two presidential candidates’ positions on major healthcare issues.

The toolkit outlines three central questions that have been prominent during this year’s campaigns: should the country continue to implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; should states receive federal block grants to run Medicaid as they wish; and how can the federal government lower costs in Medicare, the health care program for seniors and the disabled? For each of these issues, the toolkit includes:

  • An explanation of the candidates’ positions
  • Key facts about the status of health care coverage, Medicare and Medicaid
  • Links to news articles and reports explaining and analyzing the proposals and listing advisers to the candidates
  • A list of health care experts who understand the candidates’ plans and their implications

To see this and other toolkits published by the Alliance for Health Reform, including a Mental Health Policy Toolkit, visit the Alliance’s website at


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